Scarlet Infusion

Scarlet Infusion


There was a knock at the door of the head office.

“Enter,” said the Commander in Chief Ezrick Stanten.

The doors opened grandly by two armed guards, behind them four guards surround their key to success and trailing slightly behind was the lead scientist.

“What news do you bring Dr. Kamell?” Stanten scrutinized the short and stout scientist. This was his third visit this week.

“I figured out the glitch sir. All processors and receptors are properly functioning.” He mumbled from behind the stack of papers that he was trying to sort through. “I’m sure this time, if you just give me a chance to show you.” A few papers tumbled to the ground.

“Fine,” Stanten stood up grudgingly.

Dr. Kamell, was obviously in disbelief, as his glasses fell forwards on his long nose. “Right, sir, if you’ll follow me.”

Stanten ruffled his nose, not used to receiving orders but followed the eager scientist from his office.

Dr. Kamell was stationed in the lower sectors of the facility. Away from prying eyes and the Reformation that threatened the very levity of this operation. They had been trying to infiltrate the facility for almost three years now. Due to Stanten’s newly enforced security and weapons systems it was hard to fake identification access.

“There, were however some difficulties with detecting the rang of the secondary device.” Dr. Kamell cleared his throat. “I assure you though that device is fully operational.” Kamell gave a shallow smile.

“How can we be sure that 15 will make it to the proper specified time?” Stanten scrunched his brow together.

“Ah, well you see, we have assessed that the device has a twenty year jump rate. According to our data. We haven’t been able to get it to go to the exact moment but if we proceed to early there could be a time period of waiting on our end. If too late we will have missed our opportunity all together. However, if we aim in between the specified time…” Dr. Kamell just smiled.

“So, your telling me that we can’t predict where the package will arrive?” Stanten continued walking but hesitated. Afraid that he was making a pointless trip. A waste of his time.

“Not precisely but with the new Aquitania we have acquired, it has narrowed down the time tunnel. Due to it’s inhibiting properties.” Dr. Kamell rushed through his explanation.

“Very well,” Stanten’s lip twitched in annoyance.

Dr. Kamell waved his hand over what looked to be a solid part of the wall but was in fact an invisible dashboard. It fluttered to life. There was a swirl of ambient green elements floating around. He leaned in and exhaled. They turned blue and the hidden panel dissolved into the entrance of an elevator.

Down below, where the science faculty operated, the elevator door opened. Dr. Kamell rushed through a labyrinth of rooms to one in particular. It was different, not clean but cluttered by mess. An assortment of electronics, cables, flashing devices and papers everywhere.

“You know we have devices that can sort our thoughts, in replacement of…paper.” Stanten said with a grit of distaste.

“Shouldn’t we continue?” Dr. Kamell looked to Stanten and then to 15.

Stanten folded his arms.

“Right, bring 15 here.” Dr. Kamell ushered the guards to place 15 onto the electro table.

Once in place, a stabilizer cord situated itself to the back of her spine. Instantly the body stilled and the eyes fell closed. Not even the slightest breath resonated from her chest.

Stanten looked on curiously but didn’t say a word. A clear shield of genetically altered polyurethane, locked on to the rise and curves of her body from head to toe. Above three red lights flashed. He looked back at 15. She was wrapped in an air tight concealment. This is where the last attempt had failed, the polyurethane had over sealed and crushed 14.

Stanten hadn’t realized he’d been holding his breath until a surge of electricity spiked from the electro table. “Dr. Kamell?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just the generators producing enough bio electricity. This time we incorporated the stabilizer, so we can avoid the same catastrophe as last time.”

“Very well, continue on.” Stanten watched the three red lights intently.

“Any moment now,” Dr. Kamell’s voice sounded excited.


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