Logo Artwork


I hope you read my previous post before this one. If not here’s a link to: What is ArizonaLanding?

After long debate, I decided to go with a tradition flower imprint from the logo site. I recreated it in Ai but removed the center. The ‘A’ is modified to loop more closely to create a more circular look. The ‘L’ is typography, imagine tiny little “ArizonaLanding” cut into the shape.

I had no real idea what I was going to do, so instead I just chose a few different elements to create the logo. It’s like my site, ideas combined together in one.

Best way to do this, I found out, is not to think hard about it, and go with your instinct. Don’t go for what your neighbour has, your idea is unique, and you can make it into anything you want. Just go with it!


Decor Idea’s for Shelving Unit

After designing my shelving unit I started getting ideas of what I’d decorate with. I’m tired of my old furnishing – that are worn out. I picked a theme of blues, beige, paris and modern shapes! HomeSense is my new favourite place to shop for gifts and decorating. Alright, enough talk, take a look at some of the ideas I’ve picked out.

Bedroom Organizer and Desk

Okay, so have you ever had the problem where your room didn’t have a closet? Cause it was in a basement? With minimal lighting and excess amount of space? I mean a lot of space? And your just craving shelving and actually place to put your dresses?

Well, this is my dilemma and quite possibly yours. So, I’ve crowd sourced a plan! Mainly from Ana White’s site and pintrest. I highly recommend going through her many plans, of closets, desks and much much more! They even come with a list of tools and materials you’ll need.

However, being on the more creative side, and having a certain amount of usable space. I’ve created this 🙂


As you may notice, I have this awkwardly located window, about rulers length away. So, instead of have full shelving across the top I’ve done a country style half shelf. Along with a floating desk below. The floating desk can also be extend along the other wall, if needed.

Beside this I will have a shelving unit, which I will size according to my new printer. Below is drawers for art supplies and nik-nacks 🙂

Then the closet organizer, which will cover the remaining wall. (Unless, the measurements are smaller then I anticipate.) In Ana’s plans, the right side is identical to the left but I’d rather have a place for my dresses.

I would have gone with something simple, however the main wall is cement…

Happy building!

Phone Contacts

I’m wondering if I’m the only person who hasn’t updated their contacts in eight years! So many people I never talked to anymore, or just haven’t in a really long time. It was kind of nice to reminise in the old days 🙂

However, the multiple contacts, or people with the same name (no last name) are just floating around in there taking up space.

Pretty much, go through your contacts, and do a little spring cleaning!

What is ArizonaLanding?

Have you ever, tried to think of a logo for your website or a banner? Not sure where to start or where to go from the title of your site? Here are a few questions I’ll be asking myself as I come up with a logo and (new originally owned) banner for my site.

1) What is your site for? Who will be reading it?

2) Do you plan to make it publicly known or even well known?

3) What does your site mean for you?

4) What colours speak to you?

5) Will it have a picture of representation?

6) A slogan?

7) Modern, Vintage, Elegant or Rustic?

8) How does it make you feel? On to others?

Write these down or draw how it makes you feel. Don’t over think it, just draught down the first few things that come to mind and we’ll go from there.

Feel free to check out logo and banner sites, you won’t own them but they may come in handy with come up with a design. This site I found very helpful: DesignMantic.com

That’s all for now. I will post an image of this process for you when I’ve completed it. And as well follow up with the end design 🙂

Happy Designing