Hey everyone! Below you will find a grid of stories I’ve written. Follow the link and you’ll be directed to the About page and Chapter Directory.

Happy Readings!


Adventures of Coral Wick

Back Cover Find yourself lost in the mind of fifteen year old, and her troubles on her family trip to the boonies. Otherwise known as the desert, with gritty sand getting stuck in your sandals and the blazing sun beating down on you. Originally Coral had planned a whole summer hanging out with her friends … Continue reading Adventures of Coral Wick

Scarlet Infusion

Scarlet Infusion Simulation… There was a knock at the door of the head office. “Enter,” said the Commander in Chief Ezrick Stanten. The doors opened grandly by two armed guards, behind them four guards surround their key to success and trailing slightly behind was the lead scientist. “What news do you bring Dr. Kamell?” Stanten scrutinized the short and stout scientist. This was his third visit this … Continue reading Scarlet Infusion

The Rebellion

  Adria Demosphire finds her self captured in the hands of merciless Mercenaries. Working under the hand of a self righteous man named Boa. Trapped in the ways of their ancestors and the war. These men aren’t just barbarians but 2070th men with weapons of great destruction at their fingertips. Ready to fight a war … Continue reading The Rebellion

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