Adventures of Coral Wick

Back Cover

Find yourself lost in the mind of fifteen year old, and her troubles on her family trip to the boonies. Otherwise known as the desert, with gritty sand getting stuck in your sandals and the blazing sun beating down on you. Originally Coral had planned a whole summer hanging out with her friends at beach parties. Little did she know, that her not-so-outdorsy-parents were actually planning on going. It was a joke right? Her parents couldn’t be in the same room with each other for more then two seconds before a fight broke out.

Coral Wick, a defiant and stubborn young girl, gets dragged along against her will. To her dismay, her mother has invited the Fletchers along for the trip. She hadn’t seen them since last fall at her baseball tournament. The horrible part was she would have to be nice to this bratty boy for a whole month!

Tag along as Coral faces, what it’s like to be an underage teen, the ups and downs of first love, and as her family begins to crumble before her very eyes.

Will this, end of the summer vacation, save her parents marriage? Stop her from having to change her name and move towns in the prime of her youth?

Well get ready, because Coral isn’t your average teen. She won’t stop at anything that gets in her way. Even if that means stealing her dads phone, and maybe accidentally getting lost in a cavern in the middle of no where. With no food or water…what could possibly go wrong?


Chapter Inventory:


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