Bedroom Organizer and Desk

Okay, so have you ever had the problem where your room didn’t have a closet? Cause it was in a basement? With minimal lighting and excess amount of space? I mean a lot of space? And your just craving shelving and actually place to put your dresses?

Well, this is my dilemma and quite possibly yours. So, I’ve crowd sourced a plan! Mainly from Ana White’s site and pintrest. I highly recommend going through her many plans, of closets, desks and much much more! They even come with a list of tools and materials you’ll need.

However, being on the more creative side, and having a certain amount of usable space. I’ve created this 🙂


As you may notice, I have this awkwardly located window, about rulers length away. So, instead of have full shelving across the top I’ve done a country style half shelf. Along with a floating desk below. The floating desk can also be extend along the other wall, if needed.

Beside this I will have a shelving unit, which I will size according to my new printer. Below is drawers for art supplies and nik-nacks 🙂

Then the closet organizer, which will cover the remaining wall. (Unless, the measurements are smaller then I anticipate.) In Ana’s plans, the right side is identical to the left but I’d rather have a place for my dresses.

I would have gone with something simple, however the main wall is cement…

Happy building!


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