Moving Out Series Begins!

Hey everyone! Recently I’ve been posting about breakups and thought I’d change the subject to something a little more exciting! Moving out! That’s right it’s time to pack those boxes and clear out the trash.

This will be a little Itinerary for the moving process, which I will compile everything into a page when it’s done or further along.

1. Make a list of every reason you want to move out and every reason it’s a bad idea.
Trust when you weigh your options, things that didn’t appear at first become more clear. For instance – “Do I have enough money to support myself month to month?”, “Roommate or no roommate?”, “Do I have a relatively stable job?” – it’s these types of things you want to look out for.

2. Finding the right place!
Sounds easy enough right? Well, I’ll through a wrench in for you or two, you have a pet and only have a certain amount of money for the deposits. Location, location, location! If you don’t drive, buses must be in your top ten must haves! As well as a pet friendly place…

3. Is this legit?
Being scammed is really tough, I would know, happened to me twice. Always, go with someone who has a good head on their shoulders, so they can tell you whether or not the place and landlord are solid. Sure, you can have a kind landlord and everything sounds great and dandy. Until your moving out and you didn’t get anything in writing… Get it in writing! Everything! And save a copy! Do your research on your tenancy rights!

Facts: Pet deposits can only amount to half the rent. This is separate from the normal deposit. It can only be invoked once, and can not be changed. The amount of pets is irrelevant to the charge of the deposit. You never have to pay twice, if you per say get another cat down the road. You are also allowed to ask for a house inspection before and after. Take pictures, get it right, and have the papers signed!

Now onto the more fun part! Making sure you have everything you need for when you move out!

4. Make up a checklist:
– Kitchen Items
– Bathroom Essentials
– Cleaning Supplies

When you have most items bought and paid for you, you don’t tend to realize you need hand soap and toilet paper… So, go in your bathroom now and jot down everything. Do the same with other rooms in your house. You’d be surprised!


5. Taking only what you need from your room – Or decluttering your life. downsizing

Do you really need those fifty pairs of earrings in a box under your bed? That you haven’t touched in years? If it’s been sitting for more than a year, odds are you won’t use them. This doesn’t mean chuck them all, which brings me to number six…

6. Make a keepsake box that you can leave with your parents or if you have room in your storage closet.

Be reasonable, if it’s too big maybe it’s time to take a photo, or just keep one or two pairs of earrings. As well choose a box that will stand the test of time, or the dust bunnies under the stairs.

Upcoming… Moving Day, First Day Bag, Moving Truck 🙂 Stay tuned for my moving adventure, with pictures, videos and the first few weeks of what life is like on my own!


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