The Rebellion – Chapter 1 (Complete!)

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Standing before me, in flesh and blood, not to mention alive and breathing, but a woman. I’d heard of them and read about them in the archives, but I’d never thought I’d see a real one.
This morning I had arrived from a week long raid. I never excepted this, not now, not in the middle of the war. The war that had been started by a female scientist eighty years ago. Since then, all female’s had been band from military exports of any kind. Our civilization had reverted back to the old ages but technology boomed. No thanks to that crazy woman.
I blinked a few times, and each time she appeared before me. It wasn’t a pixelated hologram. She was here, in the Tarek, across the Safety boarder.
Her hands were bound in cuff links that shimmered red, notifying she was dangerous. I laughed a little. Her dangerous, it must be a joke, because she was tiny and wouldn’t stand a chance against any of the men in this room.
“What is your purpose here?” Garret, our Patrol leader asked in a gruff voice. He was obviously on his wits end.
I shrunk back against the wall, out of the way but to watch this event unfold.
Her head swung between her shoulders like a loose boulder on a cliff about to fall. Long tasselled hair was swept to the side to show the left side of her face.
Garret barked out a command, and grabbed, what looked to be a young girl, by the hair, and yanked straight up. She yelped and let out a groan. She winced inwards on her right ribcage.
I caught a glimmer of red trickle down her hip. My throat constricted and my muscles tensed as I watched.
“You have five-seconds to tell me why you’re here and who you are,” Garret shifted his weight to the side so his face was mere inches from hers. “Or, this lovely cheek will be marred forever with this blade.” He ran a callused finger down her pink cheek.
One of the Sentries from another raid team handed Garret a glowing orange dagger.
For some reason my body jerked forwards.

Pain erupted from the left side of my face. Tears rushed from my eyes only to intensify the fiery sensation below.
There was a shout from somewhere in the back of the room. I opened my eyes slightly but only registered a blur of dark shadows. An argument broke out and the pain in my head throbbed louder.
It seemed like an eternity before they stopped shouting.
“I don’t care if it came from Boa himself. This is inhumane.” A rich voice with a deep vibrato spoke.
“Inhumane, these creators are what almost wiped us out eighty years ago.” The familiar voice made my stomach lurch.
“We shouldn’t condemn them all for one mistake made by our grandparents.” Oddly enough his voice seemed to calm me. “A new era…”
He was cut off, “A new era? Are you mad Eura? There will never be peace, while these beasts are free to roam.”
“Even across the Safety?” Eura asked quietly. “Should we storm our troops into the eye of the storm and cut it off?”
The man grunted and was about to rebuff when the door slammed against the wall.
“I can hear the two of you bird brains all the way at the West end of the Tarek.” His voice was light and jeering.
“Garret,” he answered.
“I was just trying to explain to Eura here why we should lead a revolt into the enemies territory.” Garret said politely with great pain. “And how interrogating this measly creature will help us win this war.”
“Let her down.” Boa said.
Two men rushed towards me. One grabbed my arm and the other clicked a button, and I tumbled to the ground like a weed. The one holding my arm yanked me back up. I stumbled at the sheer force and fell forwards.
A large hand wrapped around my forearm and the other tilted my chin up. “I don’t see the threat.” He said while staring me straight in the eye. I had fallen into the man named Eura.
I felt a tingle along the back side of my ear as he tucked my hair back. I almost felt sorry for him.
They’d given me an opening by bickering about this stupid war. They were the ones stuck in the dark ages not me. I sprang forwards and dug my shoulder in and up under his rib. He keeled back and I grabbed the laser from his belt.
In a whirlwind of commotion, I ducked and pointed at the men in the room until only Boa stood. Or I should say stood with a Knife at my throat. The point pricked through my skin and I could feel the hot blood run down my skin.
He had a huge grin on his face, or perhaps a smile. “You are a feisty little one aren’t you?” He teased the blade down to the hollow of my neck.
I adjusted my feet according to his movements. We began a waltz around each other. I still had the laser trained on his heart.
“Not one for words I see.” He raised a black eyebrow. “A woman of action I presume? Well, perhaps you can defeat a room full of men but what about an Armament of Mercenaries? Ready to kill at my command. I would love to see you try but unfortunately I have an appointment to keep.” He lowered his blade.
In the midst of my hot headed escape I faltered. Strong muscles pinned me against more rippling bands of muscle in a secure lock. The laser was ripped from my fingers and I felt the cold shackles press against my wrists. I slumped forwards, not in defeat but because my head was swimming. I wanted to hurl and I did.


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