The Work Force & Facing Depression

Hey, you guys! You probably don’t know this about me if you haven’t read some of my previous posts, but I suffer from depression. Hold up! Depression, almost everyone says they have that! Yeah, they probably do, but not every type of depression is the same. Yes, that’s right “Type”. For me it’s more along the lines of anxiety and mental issues. I won’t go into it further, I just wanted to start you off with opening your mind.

Okay here it is…I’m afraid to work. I can’t tell you the exact reason, but I know it has to do with people, changes, situations, etc. Pretty much things I’m not used to. So, hear me out! Don’t tell me I have to suck it up, don’t say it to a friend or loved one because it will back fire!

Over the last two years, I’ve finally gotten my life sorted and am pretty happy actually. Not just appearance but on the inside too! That doesn’t cut it for me though…I still lack confidence in myself, which is posing many difficult decisions on my part. As well as the chemical balance inside of me is still off. This may be with me my whole life or it may slowly fade. But the good thing is I’m pushing through.

I found this while, procrastinating for two days, deciding whether or not to drop off my resume.

“Don’t be afraid – I know, easier said than done. But look around at any job you investigate – I promise you will find someone who is not as smart as you, not as skilled, not as friendly, not as fast, not as charming, etc.

The point I’m trying to make is don’t psych yourself out. The workforce is littered with mediocrity and that’s a good thing when you are frightened and need to build self confidence.

You can do this. And you can do this better than many.

Good luck.”

It really spoke to me. Not like it miraculously cured me, but it shawn a light on the positive side. So, tomorrow I will walk inside, have a pleasant conversation with the manager, be myself and leave πŸ™‚ – That’s what I am thinking of, the wise me that is and the other me, the scared me is thinking – No, just wait, you aren’t ready yet! The time will present itself.

Recently I was told not to ignore my other half. Or else I will just continue to block it out and not face it. Plus it also has relevance, “perhaps this is a good opportunity but maybe this isn’t exactly what I was hoping for”. They speak together. Don’t force them apart, because they are both apart of who you are.

I am still learning and will continue to share this with you guys! I know there are many young people out there who haven’t gotten this far but the secret…don’t stop! Keep listening! Follow your gut and your instincts. No one can make the change for you, but you.

Eight years of my life, and I let six slip away… Or did I? Maybe I learned more then the average person would in ten no twenty years. How we perceive things is powerful in itself, but it is our strength that carries us through.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions πŸ™‚ Or if you need someone to talk to.


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