Stargeeies Report

Okay, so lately a lot of my time has been spent watching Stargeeie shows. Love them all! I’ve seen the entire Stargate Sg-1 Series and the movies 😀 However this is about Stargate Atlantis meeting Star Trek The Next Generation!

“Soren of the J’anii”

Season 5: Episode 17 airing in 1991


Now get ready for this!! Introducing 13 years later…

“Sora of the Genii”

Season 1: Episode 8 airing in 2004


What these two shows have in common is not the actors but one man…Actor Colm Meaney who played as Miles O’brien or should I now say Commander Cowen!

Anyways I just wanted to show this to you all because I found it pretty hilarious. Well that’s all for my Stargeeies Report!


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