Hair Oops Follow Up! and John Frieda Demi Permanent

Hey everyone, so here is my final follow up on Hair Oops. I think the stuff is magical and hair dye strips your hair whether or not you go blonde or not. So, to all you teens who want to dye your hair and your mothers told you not to. Here’s my answer to you. Don’t dye your hair! Just kidding or am I? I was all for dying my hair when I was a teenager but now I want my hair to be natural and more mature looking. More me!

These are the results…

Hair Color Journey

As you can see the color I had orginaly put in began to fade. I was used to this but the orange tone was really becoming prominent. Probably why I didn’t take as many pictures. Anyways, I wanted to fix this without colouring my hair again because that was the whole point of using Colour Oops in the first place!

So, while I was taking a gander at the hair isle in my grocery store – I found my savour! John Frieda Colour REFRESHING Gloss!! I’ve been using it for two weeks now and it’s fabulous!


“DIRECTIONS: After shampooing and conditioning hair, squeeze out excess water from hair. Dispense a quarter-sized amount of product into hand and spread from root through entire length of hair. Repeat process 3-5 times to ensure middle to ends of hair are evenly saturated with gloss. Wash hands with soap. Leave gloss on for at least 3 minutes, then rinse. Use gloss weekly to keep colour fresh.

Ammonia & peroxide-free. Not a permanent hair colour. Will not lift or lighten hair colour. Will not damage hair. Safe for all hair types.”

…you can go to the site for more information and Colour options!!

It is totally worth it! I’ve tried other glosses but they fade after a couple days. This one you can reuse again and again! It’s not a one time use product, which is what I love about it and how I justified the cost 🙂 Trying to be frugal here! It has not changed my natural hair colour if you’re wondering. Only the dyed part. So, I don’t know how well it works on non-dyed hair :/

I totally give my approval! Feel free to share your experience with this product!


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