Hair Color Oops…

You can probably guess where I’m going with this… I should have never bought that red hair dye… I’ve told myself before that the color doesn’t come out when you cover it up with brown dye. It eventually shows up again. My hair is like a sponge to red hair dye and I have no idea why.. It just won’t go away!

The other night I tried using a medium light brown Loreal brand. It didn’t do shit but make my ends dark and my roots almost blonde. So, wasn’t what I was hoping for and a waste of money to boot. All you girls out there who want to dye your hair – do you research first. Red and Blonde Dyes take a lot of maintenance. More so blonde hair if you want the natural look, go to a salon for this, or tred lightly at your own risk.

I used to have a pyramid of box hair dyes on my dresser when I was a teenager. I was addicted to the stuff but only because it ruined my hair. I had to continuously re-dye it and I even played around with bleach.. Eek! My hair is pretty tough but only because I was brought up Β on the “hair routine”, having black hair and all. My cousin, sister and I used to all three stand around in the bathroom doing our hair for a good 30 mins after we’d gotten out of the pool. So, keeping my hair alive has never been an issue.

Any who back to the red hair dye story. I did it two months ago now and a week after I put extensions in. No not clips, glue, weaves, I mean braids… the ones where you sit on your butt for three long days and watch countless movies… Though the end result was worth it! Usually I could keep the hair in for almost two months but this time my hair decided to grow half an inch! In a month! So out they came! I didn’t want to risk dreading. I didn’t know what to do with my hair after that. It was red and brown and murky and I wanted my natural hair color back so badly!

I’ve planned the all natural route! No more hair dying for me and less straightening! Embrace the fro girls! I chopped a good inch and half off so it was at my chin. It grew a bit and I had even more root showing through! :s It was driving me crazing! Β I went out and bought a box tried that didn’t work and looked even worse. I’d heard about Color Oops and how great it was but worried about the results as the dye job underneath was two months old with a new coat on top! …plus previous colors…guilty… Plus my hair type.

I threw in the $30 dollars for a nice shade of brown hair dye and oops remover. It worked like a charm!! I am so freaking happy right now. My hair may be orange but it’s all one color root to tip! Plus the copper tone will look so pretty as the brown dye fades! πŸ˜€ It was worth every penny and I now know where to look on the isle of hair dye doom!

I haven’t put the new color on because I want to keep my hair as healthy as possible. The Loreal stuff really took a toll. I’m sticking with Garnier! My favourite brand of hair dye! Okay this post is getting long and I know I should have done a video but here are some pictures of before and after!


~ Use plastic cap, blow dry over for a minute, than wrap towel around head for the whole 20 minutes!
~ I used only 1 box – Didn’t saturate all hair until it warmed up so don’t worry!
~ Check a couple times and massage the mixture into the hair further
~ I pre washed with Tail n’ Mane once and three times after
~ Use a good hair mask and oils after if you don’t plan to re-dye right away (I recommend this for girls with black hair or bleached hair)

As I said before my hair absorbs color like a sponge and doesn’t let go. In the instructions it says go a shade lighter because hair will grab onto new color. I wished I’d known that… but it will fade because the pores will close over the next couple of days before I apply the new color.

*I’ve never been trained in hair, but I’ve lived with black hair my whole life!


5 thoughts on “Hair Color Oops…

    • arizonalanding says:

      Well I’ve always wondered what I would look like as a ginger and now I know πŸ˜€ As for blonde I feel like that would be too much maintenance to keep up with. I will be dying my hair brown in the next couple of days πŸ˜€


      • arizonalanding says:

        Hmmm I like change πŸ™‚ It’s also a way to break out of my shell. But as I said I’m trying to get my natural hair back πŸ˜€ Also I just like to enjoy life!


      • The Dangers of Change says:

        Hi Ari,
        What colour is your style right now?

        I managed to publish my book at last!
        There were no many hurdles and I got stung on line by a proofreader who did not even know how to spell and had bad eye sight!

        Would you read it and tell me what you think?



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