What’s in your bag?

Hey! Want to know what I shop for? When I have some money to spunk up my life? Okay well I’m not going to tell you the contents of my purse but instead what my wallet decided to buy. And no I didn’t buy on a whim… though sometimes I wish I’d leave my wallet at home šŸ˜•

Alright, so yesterday at Bolens I got this ‘cute’ little journal. I was originaly looking for “What I’m thankful for today…” but I couldn’t find it anywhere? Do you know where I can get one? Anyways, instead I purchased “F*ck I’m in my Twenties”, and yes that is the title šŸ˜€

Photo by Chelsey Slater

Photo by Chelsey Slater

(Side note…I love the emoji graphics on wordpress! so cute!! ;))

Next on my shopping list is hair stuff! and I say stuff because their not all products lol First I got some hair dye! Shocker! I’m still getting over my hair dying addiction… in a previous vlog I mentioned my roots were almost an inch and the rest is a muddy red and brown… blah not a fan… So, I decided to find a color that matched my roots, as close as possible, and a bit lighter to hide the darkness. I’ll most likely do a vlog on it so I’ll leave the explanation till then. Along with that I got Macadamia Oil Mask, the little 50g package, it lasts me a long time! Lastly is B complex vitamin 50. *Please I urge you do your research before taking any sort of vitamins or even ask your doctor! I take medication, herbs and vitamins but I have approval first or it has been recommend to me by a professional. You guys have probably heard of biotin… it is everywhere. Well, instead of buying a heavy dosage, I decided to get all the B’s I could! I personally think you can’t have one vitamin without another.

Lastly, and best of all SHOES!!! ā¤ or SANDALS I should say lol

Want to share?! Post your comments below šŸ™‚


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