Learning Belly Dancing

I have a hormone imbalance, and I haven’t been able to lose weight until now! I go to acupuncture twice a month.. My wallet is hollow but my body thanks me! I was also suffering from digestive tract issues, they have pretty much been resolved, and I definitely recommend it! Go, to someone you know or trust, so you can get the right healing methods.

Over the last month I’ve noticed my weight slowly dropping. I don’t always eat great, and don’t get out much…you can see my confusion obviously. Then it hit me, I eat 75% approximately of cooked foods now (it was hard at first). I go outside and enjoy the sun, even if I don’t go for a walk, I just soak up all that vitamin D! I feel much more happy inside and out, even with all the other crap I have to deal with.

So! I thought hey,’I’ve done the Pilates and intense workouts will just make it worse…?” What to do? Well, the short and not so intimate version was when my boyfriend mentioned I had great hip control. Now, I all ready knew this and pride myself on it, because of years of finding ways to keep moving, while laying in bed. I just didn’t want to get muscle loss. As well as a recent “back” set. I needed something with no impact on joints, way to move and open up my muscles and joints softly and overall finding something I will enjoy for years to come! 🙂

This is what led me to Belly Dance!


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