Cellphones are Evil…

“Pink screens, shutter windows and metal detectors…”

That is how my phone decided to leave this world…again…

I’ve barely had it for a year an half now, the lovely samsung galaxy S3, and I don’t see much hope in resurrecting it once more. No more expensive phones and money eating annual plans. I’m not rich, and I need to save the little money I have. So, bye-bye fancy gold diggers and hello cheap plan I can afford!

Well, when I pay off the rest of the dang phone…Black Friday…I should have suspected something ;p

Anyhow, for the time being I’m going to pull out the handy dandy camera and purchase a new SD card. It’s so beautiful out, and Ive been itching to take pictures of all the flowers. Not to mention my foul mood…from not being satisfied with my life… but I keep trying to make the best of it!

On thursday I devilled into self sabotage, and learned once more that all I have to do is make one choice. One choice can cause this amazingly beautiful ripple effect! I wouldn’t be here if I had decided to hibernate in my room, while ignoring my health. This can be as small as not getting that spoon from upstairs to pig out on ice cream in my room. To perhaps deciding to go out on a small bus adventure. The possibilities are endless! I just need to remember that! Self sabotage isn’t without self choice. Take it slow and you’ll start noticing the differences in no time!

That’s all for today folks! ❤

Enjoy the marvellous sunshine!


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