Mothers Day Weekend

Hey everyone! I’ve been supper busy with life and haven’t had time to write every other day like I planned. Lately I’ve just been trying to come up with how I want Adventures of Coral Wick to pan out. I really want to stay away from the whole high school/academy stuff and anything to do with the hunger games…but I wanted to start off with her leaving from school and have something happen. Hopefully I’ll have the first chapter up soon!

That’s where I am on the story front, and now for Mothers Day! I know this post is a day late, two days in my case actually. My older brother email all of us, and put together a mothers day surprise! Instead of celebrating on Sunday we all got together on Saturday afternoon and surprised our mother at the front door! It was great as we hardly get to see one another and all at once is a rarity!

The night before I went over to my sisters place and made death by chocolate. Though, a lot of the chocolate ended up on my shirt šŸ˜€ We’d gone out and bought all the ingredients, baked the cake part and let it cool, and was now getting the mousse ready when we found out we needed a mixer. So, we ended up doing it the old fashioned way, by hand…felt like my arm was going to fall off!

It was great!

However, before we all met up I got to practice my driving skills. I got honked at in a round-about and got super upset…I usually just brush it off. It wasn’t like me at all. Later, after another incident, I was at my boyfriends house and chalked it up to pms. Girls don’t we love PMS!

Anyways it was a stressful but great weekend šŸ™‚

Here are some pictures :3


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