I ran blindly through the forest to the hidden cove. My feet tripped a few times as words of anger slashed across my consciousness. I was just trying to help. Why did they have to treat me like a kid? I broke through the dense forest and onto the windy shore line.

The waves were cold and harsh against the white sand. Hot tears streamed down my face. Folding my arms, anger and guilt rushed through me. I wiped at my damp cheeks with the palm of my hand.

“Why?” I shouted into the wind.

I felt weak and limp. The sand could swallow me up if it wanted. I didn’t care anymore. I dug my feet in, inviting the cold and the slow agonizing death.

Warmth engulfed me and my skin prickled with electricity. Strong hands pulled me around, and soft lips pressed against mine. My eyes widened, and then slowly closed as my body turned to liquid. A tongue prodded against my lips. I gasped and instantly our kiss deepened. I tried to push against the firm chest but all my strength had disappeared. My legs began to tremble and my body began to sway like the hammock back at the cottage. Hands slowly moved up my neck, causing me to shiver in anticipation and cupped my cheeks as fingers entangled themselves in my hair.

I felt like I’d been transported to paradise island and the wind was actually warm and fragrant like honey. The harsh waves became distant, and were over powered by my heart beat thumping loudly in my chest. Everything around me was new and unexplored like this kiss.

My first kiss.

I sighed in protest as it ended, the guilt was coming back, and the situation started to become clear. I opened my eyes only to find I’m alone. The cold penetrated deeply but not like before. Now there was a glimmer of hope in my heart.


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